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Prescription Glasses & Contacts
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California Eye Associates has a convenient, on-site optical shop to fill your glasses and contact lens prescriptions.

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See the world in focus, choose
your perfect vision solution.

Tired of squinting at menus, struggling to read street signs, or missing details in beautiful scenery? Don’t let poor eyesight hold you back from enjoying the sights and experiences California Eye Associates has to offer.

Life is too short to settle for blurry vision! Schedule your eye exam with California Eye Associates today and start experiencing the vibrant world of Newport Beach in perfect clarity.

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The perfect fit for your eyes

California Eye Associates is your one-stop shop for clear vision near and far. During your comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Kurteeva will assess your unique needs and determine the perfect prescription for you. Whether you prefer the classic style of glasses or the convenience of contacts, we have solutions that fit your lifestyle.

To learn more please visit our optical services page for specific lens and frame brands.

Glasses & Contact Lenses

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular eye exams (even if you think your vision is fine) are crucial for early detection of eye diseases and ensuring optimal vision. Dr. Kurteeva can assess your overall eye health and provide personalized recommendations for clear, comfortable vision.

We have a wide selection of stylish and functional frames to suit various preferences and facial features. Additionally, we offer diverse contact lens types. To learn more please visit our optical services page for specific lens and frame brands.

Absolutely! Our convenient optical shop allows you to seamlessly order and pick up your glasses or contact lenses after your exam. No need for additional
appointments or hassle!

You can easily schedule an appointment online or call us directly at (949) 760-9007. We are happy to answer any further questions you may have!

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